AFS Vanguard weekend service reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our weekend service hours are 8:30am to 2:30pm Saturdays, on a reduced staff basis.
We will quickly address urgent or critical issues, examples:
1. Issues opening for business.
2. Issues related to end of day (EOD).
3. Issues related to unable to service your loan customers.
4. System completely down, etc.
Any other issue not in the list above will be prioritized and promptly serviced on Monday. Your employee may or may not receive a call from us advising of service resolution on Monday.
In addition, some of your more complex issues have escalated, or may need to be escalated to our service2 team, however our service2 team is usually not available on weekends, we appreciate your patience as we get back to you on Monday on service2 escalated matters.
Please notify your supervisors and office managers at your earliest convenience.
Thanks for being a valued AFS Vanguard customer.


Your dedicated Service team.