AFS Ltd. Co. was established around the turn of the 21st century, after several investors approached George R McQuade Medina inquiring about the possibility of implementing from scratch a fully integrated computer system to run multi-million dollar finance companies.
The ubiquitous Internet has accelerated the 1990’s trend in software development and support in the United States to continue to move coding and basic support operations to offshore sites in developing countries such as India, China, Vietnam and Mexico, therefore it made sense for AFS Ltd. Co. to formalize the relationship with sister company ASDS y Compania in Mexico. This has given us the opportunity to build great infrastructure to support your corporation at a fraction of the cost if done entirely in the US. AFS Ltd. Co. and ASDS y Compania have successfully engaged hundreds of customers across the US from California through Texas to Virginia.


Our team consists of full time professionals with solid expertise in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Networking, Finance Operations, Accounting and Bookkeeping. We maintain a healthy roster of specialized professionals in many areas that we hire on an hourly basis or on a per-project basis when our needs can be met more fluently with the assistance of one of these experts.