AFS Vanguard API Methods:

Method1 type: POST
Method1 name: afsvanguardcustapplicationsOTH
Method1 description:

  1. Given an application filled out by your customer in your web site, translate and insert into the proper AFS Vanguard office database.
  2. Insertion will take place on a 5 minute interval polling thread.
  3. The AFS Vanguard user at the office has the option to manually execute insertion in real time.

Method1 important notes:

  1. Please inquire with our service team at if your company has been assigned a 3 or 4 character company identifier for API access purposes. If so, please replace “OTH” above with your assigned company identifier.
  2. Required parameters are: afsVanguardAppCode, applOfficeTo, applAmountOfLoan, applIndividual or applJoint, applLastName, applFirstName, applDateOfBirth, applSocialSecurityNumber, applEmail, applPhone, applAddress, applCity, applZip, applState, applicantESignature, applicantESignatureDate
  3. The characters ? and & cannot be present inside any of the parameters.


  1. POST afsVanguardAppCode String #Comment: Security code provided by
  2. POST applOfficeTo Number #Comment: Office selected by applicant (insertion will occur in such office)
  3. POST applAmountOfLoan Number Values (100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,1100,1200,1300)
  4. POST applPurposeOfLoan Number
  5. POST applType Number Values (1,2) #Comment: Individual=1, Joint=2
  6. POST applReferredBy String Values (Internet, Drive By, Friend)
  7. POST applLastName String
  8. POST applFirstName String
  9. POST applDateOfBirth String Format(“yyyy-mm-dd”)
  10. POST applSocialSecurityNumber String
  11. POST applEmail String
  12. POST applPhone String Format(“(nnn)-nnn-nnnn”)
  13. POST applAddress String
  14. POST applCity String
  15. POST applZip String
  16. POST applState String Values (AL, CA, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, NM, OK, SC, TX, VA)
  17. POST residenceType String Values (Rent Home/Apartment, Buying Home, Own Home, Other)
  18. POST residenceMonthlyPayment Number
  19. POST residenceTimeAt String Values (Less than 1 Year, 1-2 Years, 2-5 Years, 5+ Years)
  20. POST employer String
  21. POST employerPhone String Format(“(nnn)-nnn-nnnn”)
  22. POST employerTimeAt String Values (Less than 1 Year, 1-2 Years, 2-5 Years, 5+ Years)
  23. POST employerPosition String
  24. POST employerNetPayPerCheck Number
  25. POST incomeAdditionalRental Number
  26. POST incomeAdditionalPT Number
  27. POST incomeAdditionalAlimonyOrChildSupport Number
  28. POST incomeAdditionalSSI Number
  29. POST incomeAdditionalPension Number
  30. POST incomeAdditionalDisability Number
  31. POST incomeAdditionalSocialSecurity Number
  32. POST incomeAdditionalOther Number
  33. POST incomeTotal Number
  34. POST debtsAndCreditors1 String
  35. POST debtsAndCreditorsPaymentAmount1 Number
  36. POST debtsAndCreditors2 String
  37. POST debtsAndCreditorsPaymentAmount2 Number
  38. POST debtsAndCreditors3 String
  39. POST debtsAndCreditorsPaymentAmount3 Number
  40. POST debtsAndCreditors4 String
  41. POST debtsAndCreditorsPaymentAmount4 Number
  42. POST debtsAndCreditors5 String
  43. POST debtsAndCreditorsPaymentAmount5 Number
  44. POST vehicleMake String
  45. POST vehicleModel String
  46. POST vehicleYear String Format(“yyyy”)
  47. POST vehiclePayments Number
  48. POST expensesLivingTotal Number
  49. POST applicantESignature String
  50. POST applicantESignatureDate String Format(“yyyy-mm-dd”)


  1. 1 Inserted
  2. 0 Not inserted:


  1. Error: Invalid afsVanguardAppCode.
  2. Error: Invalid applOfficeTo: nnnn
  3. Error: Parameter ppppppp invalid number: nnnnnnn
  4. Error: Parameter ppppppp invalid date format: ddddddd
  5. Error: Parameter ppppppp invalid string: sssssss
  6. Error: Social SecurityNumber is duplicated in office applOfficeTo.
  7. Error: Required parameter ppppppp is missing.
  8. Error: Cloud database connection failed.


afsVanguardcustapplicationsOTH?afsVanguardAppCode=0123456789&applOfficeTo=101&applAmountOfLoan=100& applIndividual=true&applLastName=myLastName&applFirstName=myFirstName&applDateOfBirth=1980-01-01&applSocialSecurityNumber=111-11-1111& applicantESignatureDate=2021-09-25