1) Your employees do not need a fully open computer and internet to do their job.

2) Your employees will not do their job if given a chance.

3) Fully integrated software gives you complete control over your entire operation.

When you talk about fully INTEGRATED, what exactly do you mean?

Answer: Everything your employees need is at their fingertips, but only after they logged to our loan system:

1) All their customer management functions, applications, credit bureau, reports, etc.

2) All their collection and advertising tools.

3) All their regular business expense and transaction posting activity plus normal end of day procedures.

4) Since we integrate the OpenOffice system inside our Vanguard system, your employees can also have access (if you wish) to powerful document editing capabilities, spreadsheets, etc.

5) If the employee is tasked with general ledger and related, all debit/credit operations as well as full financials, balance sheet, income statement, trial balances, etc. The system also closes your fiscal year for you automatically without any employee effort!.

6) If the employee is tasked with payroll functions, access to posting payroll transactions, editing timecards, printing 941/W2/W3 etc. data and reports.

7) Internet browsing, since all is integrated, employees have no chance to connect to sites outside your permission lists. 8) Email and texting are restricted to business only messages, keeping your employees highly focused on the task at hand.
If this is so great, why do all other loan programs out there don’t offer fully integrated systems?

Answer: Usually they run out of money after they implement their basic loan functions and/or did not take into account full integration since the beginning and/or didn’t have enough experience building corporate systems. Our corporate experience goes back to the early 90’s and we are lucky (and blessed!) to be well funded.