AFS Vanguard service discount after merging office ledgers

The service team at Advanced Financial Software, Ltd. Co. continues to work 6 days a week to promptly service your most urgent needs. We thank you for your continued business and understand the need to merge offices in these uncertain times. This is a reminder of our post merge service fee 80-20 rule:

  1. There will be an immediate 20% service fee discount for the ledger being merged into the merging office.
  2. This discounted service fee will be added to the service fee of the full ledger merging office.
  3. Please ensure and notify our administrative team at if and when the merged office ledger balance falls below 120%. The merged 180% service fee will revert back within 30 days to the original 100%.
  4. Example:
    1. Office1 will merge into office2 and both pay $200 per month each for AFS Vanguard service for a total of $400 per month.
    2. Office1 and office2 have both a $500,000 ledger balance as of 12/31/20 merge date.
    3.  On 1/1/21, $200 service fee is discounted 20% to $160.
    4. Surviving office2 with a $1,000,000 ledger monthly service fee becomes $360 per month on 1/1/20.
    5. On 1/1/23 surviving office2 ledger balance drops below $600,000. Office2 notifies the AFS admin team at ledger has dropped below 20% of the original office1 $500,000.
    6. Surviving office2 new monthly service fee discounts back to $200 per month 30 days later on 2/1/23.