AFS Vanguard weekend service reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our weekend service hours are 8:30am to 2:30pm Saturdays, on a reduced staff basis. . We will quickly address urgent or critical issues, examples:   1. Issues opening for business. 2. Issues related to end of day (EOD). 3. Issues related to unable to service your loan customers. 4. System

Discover Card Debit Payments

If your store is looking to improve collection flow, we have become aware of Discover’s aggressive entry into the debit card space. AFS Vanguard stands ready to process Discover debit card payments, please contact your processor to ensure your account has the Discover capability turned on.

AFS Vanguard and COVID-19

Dear AFS Vanguard customer, At AFS, we have always been inspired by the spirit of the consumer finance industry to serve the community. In these unprecedented times, we are certain we would tide the storm and come back stronger. First, our prayers are with anyone infected by COVID-19; we wish speedy recovery to you and