AFS Vanguard and COVID-19

Dear AFS Vanguard customer,

At AFS, we have always been inspired by the spirit of the consumer finance industry to serve the community. In these unprecedented times, we are certain we would tide the storm and come back stronger.

First, our prayers are with anyone infected by COVID-19; we wish speedy recovery to you and your loved ones.

AFS has been retrofitted for more than a decade to service your business on a remote basis. We have taken the extra step to make sure our entire team is able to work from home and to carefully follow the CDC guidelines at:

If your business contingency action calls for remote work, please reach out to our service team at or 844-255-9877. We will make sure your logmein credentials are current so that you can reach your office computers from home.

We would like to tell you how much we appreciate your business, and to reiterate our commitment to doing everything we can to help you stay productive during these trying times.

Warm Regards,

George McQuade and the entire AFS Vanguard team.